The officially supported plugin for Houdini can be found on the Allegorithmic website. The plugin can be downloaded here: https://www.allegorithmic.com/buy/download

Currently the 1.x version of Substance in Houdini is using a SHOP network. We are rewriting the Houdini plugin to be used as a COP network.

Substance in Houdini is using the principled shader for rendering. The Substance engine and shader can be configured in a .cfg file.

Houdini's Mantra is the default renderer supported. You can use the substance configuration files to add support for other 3rd party renderers

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In order to render quickly, you will need to edit the SubstanceToPrincipled.cfg and the substance.cfg.

Set the reflect to 0. 

Set the engine to use the GPU for the platform you are using.

Opening a Substance material

  1. In the Network view, create a SHOP network node. 
  2. Inside the shopnet node, hit the tab key and go to Custom>Substance to create a Substance node. 
  3. Create a Material for your object and under the Material option, choose the substance_shop node created above. 

Changing Parameters:

Parameters for the Substance material can be changed on the substance_shop node. You can change any parameters that have been exposed on the Substance materials as well as resolution.