In the Create tab, you can create a material from one or several images or by mixing materials.

On the right bar, you have the Layer stack and the Export panel to export the current material displayed in the 2D view.

Layer Stack

The Layer stack is the place where you will stack your different filters and materials to get the result you want.


1- Save your current Layer Stack

  • If it's the first time you're saving your material, you will be asked to name it and select the library destination
  • If it's already a saved material, it will save on top of it. If you want to save a new version, press Ctrl + Shift + S

2- Clear your current Layer Stack

3- Import custom filters: see here how to create custom filters

4- Access the list of Ready-to-use filters: list available here

5- Delete a layer

Capture based workflows

By importing one or several images, you will see the Material Creation Template:

Bitmap to Material: It will create a material from one image

Multiangle to Material: It will create a material from 2 to 8 images taken under specific light conditions

Use as bitmap: It will allow you to process and modify your images in Substance Alchemist before creating a material

For Use as Bitmap workflow, you have to switch to the 2D view and the scanX output to see your image(s)