Shader Settings

The Shaders Settings window allows to control the shader (and Iray mdl) parameters.
A shader is a function that defines how an object should look when interacting with lighting and shadows in the viewports. In Substance Painter shaders are used to know how to read the Texture Set channels and render the 3D mesh in the viewports.

Undo stack and shader

This section of the Shader Settings window controls the main parameters when manipulating shaders.
The Undo/Redo stack for the shader is independent from the main History to not create conflicts when painting.

If the shader file is marked as "Outdated", it is recommended to update it when possible. See : Updating a Shader


Revert/Cancel a change of shader file or any shader parameters modification


Apply again a change that was cancelled via the Undo.

Shader fileButton showing the current shader file used. Click on the button to open a mini-shelf and choose a different shader.
Instance nameName of the shader instance.
Restore defaultsRestore all the shader parameters to their default values (as they are in the shader file).

Shader Parameters

Shader parameters are dependent of the shader file currently loaded.
For more details see the following shader details :

Shader Instance

A Shader Instance is a shader based on an original shader file but with customized parameters.
A Shader instance can be shared across texture set, and a Texture set can have a unique shader instance.

For example : a project can use a base shader, while one texture set use a custom shader for supporting opacity.

To create and manage shader instances, see the Texture Set list window.